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12 Volt Power Inverters

12 volt Power Inverters convert DC current from the 12 volt battery in your car, truck, or RV into AC current. We have 12 volt power inverters for trucks and 12 volt power inverters for home use. The two most common types of 12 volt power inverters are Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave power inverters.

Trucking Log Books

We carry trucking log books, medical examination report forms, bill of lading forms, drivers vehicle inspection forms, and annual vehicle inspection labels by J.J. Keller and RoadPro. We have both carbon-less trucking log books and carbon trucking log log books. We also several trucking information guidebooks and trucking log book binders and trucking log book organizers.

12 Volt Auto Accessories

12 volt auto accessories are powered directly from a car or truck cigarette lighter socket so there is no need for batteries. We have 12 volt cooking appliances, 12 volt fans, 12 volt TVs, 12 volt coffee makers, 12 volt power inverters, and much more. We are an authorized RoadPro distributor.

12 Volt Mini Fridge Coolers

Keep food hot or cold when traveling or camping with a 12 Volt mini fridge cooler. A portable 12 Volt travel cooler makes life on the go easy. Whether you're packing for a road trip, a day on the beach, or a week at the cabin, a 12 volt mini fridge cooler is a must. 12 Volt mini fridge coolers are engineered to meet all of your outdoor dining needs - without the hassle of melting ice or a bulky cooler.

Roadpro Trucking Accessories

Direct Depot is an authorized RoadPro web retailer. Thanks to RoadPro and their 12 volt products auto accessories, a fresh cup of coffee or a heated meal are now as close as your trucks 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. We carry the full line of RoadPro auto accessories.