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Authorized Power Bright Power Inverter dealer Power Inverters convert DC current from the 12 volt battery in your car, truck, or RV into 115/120 volt AC current. We have power inverters for trucks and power inverters for home use. The two most common types of power inverters are Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave power inverters. Modified Sine Wave power inverters are more efficient in converting battery power to AC power. So if you're looking to make a pot of coffee or run an appliance that can withstand occasional electrical noise, a Modified Sine Wave Inverter is a cost-effective solution. On the other hand, Pure Sine Wave power inverters provide clean power that can then be used to run computers, printers, and televisions.

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Recommended INVERTER CABLE sizes:
  • 1/0 Awt - 291 amps max = 3055W max 12 Volt dc inverter
  • 4/0 Awt - 454 amps max = 4767 watts max 12 Volt dc inverter
  • 4 Awg - 157 amps max = 1570 watts max 12 Volt dc inverter

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