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Keep food hot or cold when on the go with a 12 Volt Mini Fridge Cooler. A portable 12 Volt travel cooler / warmer makes life on the go easy. Whether you're packing for a road trip, a day on the beach, or a week at the cabin, a 12 Volt mini fridge cooler is a must. 12 Volt coolers, also know as thermoelectric coolers, are engineered to meet all of your outdoor dining needs - without the hassle of melting ice or a bulky cooler. 12 Volt coolers and warmers use an advanced thermo-electric system that keeps food hot or cold (cooled down to 40 degrees F and heated up to 120 degrees F, depending on the type of 12 Volt cooler and the surrounding temperature). 12 Volt car coolers plug into any vehicle's 12 volt DC accessory outlet or 12 Volt portable power supply and are undoubtedly the perfect travel mate for any on or off road adventure.

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