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Reviewed by Guest
January 07, 2013

I bought a new Road Pro oven the other day.. the last one lasted me over 7 years.. only thing that went wrong with it was I dropped it the other day and broke the lid off... I have been using these for about 15 years now... They cook great... Here is a hint though.. When your cooking something in a BUNT pan,.. place a couple pieces of pop-cycle sticks in the bottom under the Bunt pan,.. also add about 1/4 inch of water to the cooker... Keeps from burning the bottom ...

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Reviewed by Guest
April 17, 2013

This bad boy cooks just about anything you desire! I have cooked meat loaf, steaks, pork chops, Hamburger helper and bacon and eggs, and fish just to name a few! I have not found anything yet that this 12 volt wonder will not cook! tomorrow i'm trying Cajun chicken breast.

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Reviewed by Guest
December 06, 2013

I bought this for my husband over a year ago and he LOVES it!!. I am buying him a second just because the handle broke and it is getting beat up for being used 12 hours a day , 5 days a week. it still works great. I put in a glass bread size pyrex dish, filled with pot roast,with vegies and potatoes, or meat loaf with mashed , etc. he gets a hot meal on the road. Thank you!!

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Reviewed by Guest
September 09, 2012

I bought the road pro oven and I really like it but wished there were more recipes with time table in how long it takes to cook this item from scratch, such as meat loaf or baked potatoes things like this.....Bonnie

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Reviewed by Guest
February 21, 2011

It really gets old eating fast food while out on the road. I'm a trucker and that's all they have in most travel centers. On Christmas my girlfriend got me this,and its the best gift I could have gotten. This is a tackle box stove, and its mainly a food warmer. This will get pretty hot also,and after plugged in for only 10 minutes the bottom plate has plenty of heat. I can pull into a rest area,throw some hot pockets or burritos in it.Then head down the road and then pull over and have lunch in about an hour. This stove saves me a whole lot of money as well,as i really don't have a need to eat out when I'm on the road. In the morning i can put some sausage biscuits in it and in 30 min. There piping hot.As for dinner i can warm up leftover pizza,lasagna,soups, or pretty much any frozen food and it comes out great. If theres any negative thing to this stove, I'm not sure what it would be.Its prefect for a someone running solo or a team. So if you want to eat healthier on the road or just to be able to bring some real good food with you,this would be the item to have.

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