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Atrend Enclosures A10212BK 12 Dual Downfiring Enclosure - 1988-1998 GM Extended Cab

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Reviewed by Wade
February 16, 2021

DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!! The inside of box is not glued or caulked very well at all matter of fact only about 25% I could even barely see a little skinny line of caulk so I had to caulk the entire box and In description it says .9 cu ft per side like it is two separate chambers which it is not so I had to cut a piece to match the angle and the two sides are different dimensions so I had to figure the volume on both sides and the center wedge shape and then figure where the actual center was and glue my custom divider in place. Then the claim is 6.5" mounting depth which is a lie it is on an angle but it is closer to 5" or 5.5". The spring terminals for speaker wire are very cheap and do not grip the wire very good also the box was sprayed with the coating then the plastic speaker terminal cups were screwed down over the texture so had to deal with that so no air leaks. Then I finally got the hunk of firewood in my truck and hooked everything up and after about 4 minutes the turd blew apart and when I say blew apart I mean pieces of it flew around the cab of my truck like shrapnel it ended up in 3 big pieces and some smaller scraps. So far I haven't found any damage to my subs that I can see but can't be sure until I build a box and actually play them. This is such a rip off it is unbelievable I can't believe I paid close to $170 all told for something I had to spend hours working on and using my materials then the time mounting subs and anchoring box in truck just to hear it for a few minutes...and those few minutes it didn't even sound good. I would not recommend for anyone to buy this or anything from directdepot.net because I think it was not an Atrend brand box I have had one of their boxes before and it was much much better made than this counterfeit knockoff cheap matchbox pile of junk. So stay away from directdepot.net as my guess is that this is their scam to rob people because to send it back you have to pay the shipping plus 15% restocking fee. VERY VERY SHADY WAY TO DO BUSINESS!! I wish I could give zero stars

Best Product Feature: There is nothing good about it at all

Worst Product Feature: It is a complete piece of junk from top to bottom and side to side...JUNK

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