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I bought this unit because the place that I would visit once in awhile, decided to take it out on everyone and lock up the outdoor receptacles. Could not even vacuum your car out anymore. That and needing to get some body work done on my car, I decided to have a portable inverter unit that I could use a grinder or sander or drill, when I wanted too. Something to use off of a 12 volt car battery. I bought this unit and it is a very good unit. It has Max power that is needed on a grinder on startup? Does not even hesitate to wind right up with this inverter. Some inverters reset when that happens and sometimes you have to wait. This one, held it greatly. When I was really using it steady with hard work, all of a sudden the power shut off. I checked it out and found out that there is a heat limiter in there. Gets to hot, it shuts off for a few minutes before it ruins your day with a fire or frying your battery. I love this thing and highly recommend it for the do it yourselfer. These are also good for running computers, extra lights, etc. The nice thing about it also, is there is a control inside that will shut off the electricity, if your car/truck battery gets to low, in order to save the battery. VERY NICE!

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