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K40 Electronics T400PLUSBK 4\' Top Loaded CB/10-Meter Whip - Black 1
Specifications for the K40 Electronics T400PLUSBK 4' Top Loaded CB/10-Meter Whip - Black/10-Meter Whip - Black:
  • CB and 10-Meter Replacement Whip
  • Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Wire
  • Computer Controlled Variable Pitch Winding for Greater Bandwidth
  • Frequency Range: 26-30MHz
  • Weather Band Reception
  • Easy Tuning Advanced PowerPlus Tip
  • 5 Year Guarantee

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1. I would like to know if this antenna could be used as a No Ground Plane antenna? If not, what type of mount could be used?

  • This whip does not require a ground plane mount to work, it does need to be grounded though and it needs to be grounded separately from the cable to work appropriately. You can mount this whip with any mount you like, but if it is not a solid “drill a hole to the body” style mount, and you want to use let's say a mirror mount for the whip you would want to make sure you run a ground separate to make sure the antenna can work appropriately.
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