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Crimestopper SPLCD32 2-Way Paging Replacement FM/FM LCD Transmitter 1
Specifications for Crimestopper SPLCD32 2-Way Paging Replacement FM/FM LCD Transmitter:
  • 2-Way Paging Replacement FM LCD Remote Transceiver
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Works with SP302
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

To purchase the Crimestopper SPLCD32 2-Way Paging Replacement FM/FM LCD Transmitter by CRIMESTOPPER, enter the quantity needed and click the Add to Cart button.

1. I have a fob just this one but I want to purchase another but how do I tell if I have a 302w or a 502w?

  • The brain unit in the vehicle would have a part number on it. Typically the brain unit is mounted in the driver dash and can be accessed by removing the knee bolster panel under the steering wheel. Once the brain box is located it should have a stamp in the plastic body or a sticker on it referencing its manufacturer part number. You can use the part number to determine what type of transmitter you need.
  • 2. Does this work with RS7-G4 ?

  • The SPLCD32 will not work for the RS7G4. The correct transmitter is the Crimestopper SPLCD52.
  • 3. So, I'm looking to replace this remote for an otherwise totally working Crimestopper Cool Start RS7-G5 starter that's installed and fully working. The remote we have will no longer take a charge which is why I'm looking to just replace the remote. That being said, does the remote come with instructions for how to hook it up to the already installed starter in my car?

  • According to Crimestopper, the SPTX42 should work with the RS-1304DP II. Your part number must match RS-01304DP II for it to work.
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