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Stinger Electronics SI623 3/\'RCA SHIELDED DIRECT.TWISTED PR 6000 1
2 Channel 6000 Series RCA Interconnect Cable Oversized OFC conductors provide excellent sound quality Continuous Connection Construction provides unmatched signal transfer,Split-Tip connector allows better signal transfer Color coded channel identification

Specifications for the Stinger Electronics SI623 3/'RCA SHIELDED DIRECT.TWISTED PR 6000:
  • 3/' Interconnect 2-Channel Cable for Audio Use
  • 6000 Series Audiophile Grade Design
  • Improves Sound Quality and Noise Rejection
  • Mylar Shielding for Increased Noise Rejection
  • Oversized OFC Conductors Provide Excellent Sound Quality
  • Continuous Connection Construction Provides Unmatched Signal Transfer
  • Split-Tip Machined Metal Connector Allows Better Signal Transfer
  • Twisted Pair Winding Patterns Improve Clarity and Broaden Dynamic Range
  • Blue Protective Jacket Looks Great and Minimizes Friction
  • Directional Twisted-Pair Construction for Protection Against Interference

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