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Stinger Electronics SI6212 12\' RCA SHIELDED DIRECT.TWISTED PR 6000 1
2 Channel 6000 Series RCA Interconnect Cable Oversized OFC conductors provide excellent sound quality Continuous Connection Construction C3 Tech provides unmatched signal transfer Split Tip connector allows better signal transfer Color coded channel identification

Specifications for the Stinger Electronics SI6212 12/'RCA SHIELDED DIRECT.TWISTED PR 6000:
  • 12/' Interconnect 2-Channel Cable for Audio Use
  • 6000 Series Audiophile Grade Design
  • Improves Sound Quality and Noise Rejection
  • Mylar Shielding for Increased Noise Rejection
  • Oversized OFC Conductors Provide Excellent Sound Quality
  • Continuous Connection Construction Provides Unmatched Signal Transfer
  • Split-Tip Machined Metal Connector Allows Better Signal Transfer
  • Twisted Pair Winding Patterns Improve Clarity and Broaden Dynamic Range
  • Blue Protective Jacket Looks Great and Minimizes Friction
  • Directional Twisted-Pair Construction for Protection Against Interference

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