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RoadPro RPSL-681 12 Volt Direct Wire Ceramic Heater 1
The 12 Volt Direct Wire Ceramic Heater is the largest, most powerful 12 volt DC heater available. 300 watts of power ensures plenty of heat where you need it. Ride in style or set up camp in comfort with this powerful, compact heater/fan. It hooks up directly to your vehicle's battery for dependable heating or cooling with the flip of a switch. Adjustable fan speed lets you choose how cool you want it and the swivel base puts the warm or cool air exactly where you need it. An extra-long power cord maximizes your usage options. Another great innovation from RoadPro, your trusted travel companion, providing everything you need for on-the-go living.

Specifications for RoadPro RPSL-681 12 Volt Direct Wire Ceramic Heater:
  • Direct Hook-Up to Your Vehicle Battery
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Switch from Heat to Cool Settings with the Flip of a Switch
  • Uses 2 Blade Fuses
  • 15 Amp Rating
  • Includes All Installation Hardware
  • 12-Gauge 14' Power Cord

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This heater is a marked improvement over the 12 volt ceramic defroster type heater (powered by a cigarette lighter receptacle) that I had installed. The unit wires directly to the battery with thicker gauge wire. Alternatively, it can be wired to the main bus bar which is the case in my boat. The heater warms the cabin of my Bell Boy classic glass cruiser. So, I am pleased with it and would recommend it for similar small-spaced applications. ...

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This heater will keep your feet warm if placed on the floor. Imagine a hair dryer on low and you get the idea. It will not heat your whole car! It is easy to forget and leave it turned on, then your battery goes dead. Would be good for very small area. Item itself is well made and rugged. ...

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I got this heater as a temporary solution after I bypassed my heater core.. Well, it is one of the product with higher ratings. After reading reading mixed review, I still gave i try because winter is getting unbearable with my long commute. Here are my comments: 1) Fan is too weak.. I actually don't see a lot of difference between max and min fan speed 2) You can only feel heat with your hands few inches away. I think if the fan is a bit stronger, it probably would ciruclate warm air a little better (notice I said warm air, and not hot air).. 3) Bracket is flimsy. Originally I was planning to place the heater on the front dashboard, but the doubleside tap with the weak bracket just would hold up. They gave you two screws supposed you can secure the bracket to somewhere, but who in the right mind would drill two holes in your car?! Well, the good news is at least I can place the heater on my nap, and at least warm my body and hands a bit for my long driving... Would I recommend it to someone? I think you will have to take the chance. ...

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