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RoadPro RPLBSTOVET2 12v Portable Lunch Box Oven for Truck or Car 1
This portable stove and 12-volt food warmer is a must for your camping trips and tailgating or for truckers and travelers. This deluxe-model lunchbox heater safely plugs directly into your 12-volt power port or cigarette lighter to warm leftover food. You will be able to cook food to a surface temperature of 300 degrees while on the go. Great for steaming foods too such as rice or vegetables. Save money while traveling by cooking your own meals using power from your vehicle battery. Use with the RoadPro 8 in. x 3.75 in. x 2.5 in. aluminum disposable pans (model RPSC-90820) to make clean-up quick and easy. This portable food warmer lunch box conforms to UL1026 safety standards. Simply plug the portable stove-lunchbox oven into the vehicle cigarette socket for convenient and healthy meals while on the road. Looks and feels like a work lunchbox with a handle for easy transport to and from your destination and a latch to keep your meal secure inside this 12v traveling stove. For use with a 12 volt power port rated at 15 amps (180 watts) or more.

Specifications for the RoadPro RPLBSTOVET2 12v Portable Lunch Box Oven for Truck or Car:
  • This portable stove and travel oven plugs into any vehicle cigarette lighter or 12-volt power port to warm leftovers or cook food while traveling in car or truck
  • The RoadPro Portable Stove safely and quickly cooks food to a surface temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat pre-cooked food and keep leftovers tasty
  • 12-volt food warmer lunchbox is great for truckers-travelers-campers and tailgaters who want to save money by cooking on the go. Use with disposable aluminum pans (model RPSC-90820) sold separately
  • Deluxe model portable stove and 12-volt electric lunchbox food warmer conforms to UL1026 safety standards for a personal mini oven while traveling or camping
  • Plenty of room for a full hot meal with its 1-quart cooking area or easily warm up leftovers while on the road by easily plugging into a vehicle 12v socket
  • Use with RoadPro aluminum disposable pans RPSC-90820 (not included) for easy cleanup that makes heating up leftovers and making meals easy while on the road

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