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Stinger Electronics RKFR6 FAST RING 6.5 .in 1
This 3 piece Fast Speaker Ring kit is used for 6 inch to 6.5 inch speakers. Kit consists of three pieces of self adhesive foam |center pad inner ring and outer ring| which install on the speaker frame and behind the speaker minimizing resonances and improving midbass response. The center pad mounts behind the speaker to absorb reflections from hard surfaces inside the car door or most other locations. The inner ring serves as a gasket for mounting the speaker to the metal surface. The outer ring mounts just outside the surround at the outer edge of the speaker to couple the speaker to the door panel opening.

Specifications for the Stinger Electronics RKFR6 FAST RING 6.5 .in:
  • 3-Piece Foam Ring System Fits 6 .in & 6.5 .in Speakers
  • Reduce Panel Vibration
  • Increase Mid-Bass Response
  • Enhanced Audio Output Efficiency
  • Minimize Destructive Wave Interference
  • Help Prevent Front and Rear Wave Cancellation
  • Easy Installation with Peel & Stick Application
  • Maximize Performance for Speaker Installations

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