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MobileSpec MBS13151 Bluetooth Dongle Stereo Audio Adapter 1
Specifications for MobileSpec MBS13151 Bluetooth Dongle Stereo Audio Adapter:
  • BLUETOOTH? adapter
  • Bluetooth? wireless technology:
  • Pairs to any BLUETOOTH? enabled device for full wireless freedom
  • UV Finish: Scratch proof surface
  • 3.5mm plug compatible:
  • Compatible with most devices having a standard 3.5mm aux output

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1. Install the battery

  • There is no battery for this product.
  • 2. Why did it come with a battery, how do I install it?

  • You can disregard that item, that’s a magnet for the flap packaging.
  • 3. I'm trying to Bluetooth my TV to a Bluetooth speaker..will this dongle sterio audio adapter work on my Sanyo 55 in tv even though it's not a Bluetooth tv

  • Only if the TV has a 3.5 mm plug that would usually be used with a headset (aux output).
  • 4. How to I put it in discover mode

  • There is not a discover mode. To pair the MobileSpec MBS13151 Bluetooth Dongle use the following instructions - 1. Power on the device. 2. Switch on the Bluetooth search function on your mobile phone or other device. 3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the MobileSpec dongle till the red and blue light flash alternately to indicate paring mode. 4. Select MBS13151 on you mobile phone or other device. Some mobile phones or devices will ask for a passcode, if so, the passcode is preset to 0000. 5. The MSB13151 is now paired and ready for use.
  • 5. Can you use this item on a house radio

  • As long as the radio has a 3.5 mm earphone output jack, the blue-tooth dongle should work.
  • 6. This product will not pair with my Blue Parrot Bluetooth headset any suggestions.

  • See the 'Product Information Document' link above for instructions.
  • 7. Could I plug this into my phone to extend how far my Bluetooth range for airpods reaches?

  • No, this is just an adapter. It would not extend the range of your air-pods.
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