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MobileSpec MBS02103 10 000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank 1
Specifications for MobileSpec MBS02103 10 000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank:
  • Power bank
  • USB and USB-C compatible: Flexible sources for power & simultaneous charge
  • 10000 mAh: Strong energy charge for smartphones tablets and other devices
  • Qualcomm? QuickCharge(TM) 3.0 technology:
  • Fastest and most efficient charging for your devices

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1. Usually how long does it take to recharge this debice. And do you have to deplete the power bank before recharging it.

  • I believe it is a 1 hour charge and you should always deplete the battery before recharging. You do not have to deplete, but the battery in the power bank will last longer if you do.
  • 2. I have on i just bought from Flying J Truckstop in Southern California and when i connected a Type-C cord to a Fast Charger Type-C it wouldn't charge is it because that it setup for just to be charged by the MICRO-USB cord ONLY?

  • Correct, this power bank will charge devices that are connected to either the USB or USB type C ports. The power bank itself is set up to only receive power for charging the internal battery back up through the Micro USB.
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