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Wilson Antennas 880-900813B BLK MAGNET MT ONLY 1
Specifications for the Wilson Antennas 880-900813B:
  • Magnet Mount Base and a RG58A/U Cable
  • Includes a Cap, Connector and Allen Wrench

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1. Will this work for the Wilson 5000

  • No, you would need the Wilson Antennas W5000 Series Magnet Mount Assembly, item number 880-200177B.
  • 2. Will this work with Wilson 2000 ?

  • The Wilson 2000 is not meant to be mounted with a magnet. It will only work with a mirror mount. I would suggest the Wilson 5000 magnet 880-200152B if you would like a magnet mount solution.
  • 3. I KNOW IT SAID MAGNET MOUNT ONLY , BUT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF ITS COMES WITH EVERY THING LIKE THE PICTURE COAX CAP ECT. THANKS you can call 510 289 9288 . this may be faster for me thanks again james

  • Everything in the picture is included.
  • 4. Will this work with my Wilson 1000?

  • Yes, the 880-900813B is the magnet mount with cable only for the Wilson 1000 mag. If you have the coil, mast, whip already and just needs the magnet this is what you need. You can just screw it right on to the 880-900813B and you are good to go.
  • 5. Does the item come with the cable as shown in the picture?

  • Yes it does. We have updated the description to better describe the item.
  • 6. Does this work with the Wilson 1000?

  • You would want to purchase a 880-900800B if you want a Wilson 1000 Magnet mount.
  • 7. Will this work for Wilson 1000?

  • No, there is no magnet replacement available for the Wilson 1000.
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