PowerBright - A Leader In The Power Conversion Equipment Industry.

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PowerBright produces 12-volt and 24-volt DC to AC power inverters in both modified and pure sine wave, step-up and step-down 110 to 220V voltage transformers, as well as a full range of power solutions to meet your every need.

Superior Technology
ISO 9001 certified and ROHS compliant, PowerBright designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced power products on the market today. Committed to continuously offering the most innovative, efficient, and environmentally responsible equipment, Power Bright invests significant resources in ongoing research and development. By pioneering new technologies and continuously refining our existing products, Power Bright sets the standards in today's power conversion industry.

Exceptional Reliability
Unlike most power product suppliers, PowerBright designs and manufactures its products at its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China. Having our own plant enables us to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the most stringent North American quality standards. Our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous standards guarantee the exceptional reliability that our clients have come to expect from Power Bright.

Competitive Pricing
Thanks to exceptional efficiency, a global client base, and an experienced and talented team, PowerBright is able to offer its exceptional power solutions at competitive prices. Our customers keep coming back, knowing that they are getting the most efficient and reliable products at a fair price.

Outstanding Customer Service
PowerBright provides each of its clients with exceptional customer service and a complete range of products to meet all of their power needs. Our goal is to make every customer relationship a long-term one. Our large volume of repeat customers and steady referrals attest to our success.

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