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Keep in touch with a new two way radio or CB radio. We carry two way radios and CBs by Motorola, Uniden, Cobra, and others.

RoadKing The Professional Driver's Choice for Over 50 Years!

Be sure and check out our RoadKing CB microphones and headsets. RoadKing CB microphones and Bluetooth headsets are the standard by which professional truck drivers swear by. The original RoadKing has been around since the creation of the interstate - over 50 years! With superior noise-cancelling technology and rugged design, RoadKing quickly became the popular CB microphone choice among professional drivers. We understand the unique needs of today's professional drivers and what they look for in mobile communications. For these drivers, the CB radio is an essential element for communication and safety while on-the-go. RoadKing is your trusted source for reliable, affordable CB communication equipment. RoadKing now brings the same noise-cancelling technology to hands-free communication with Bluetooth® headsets. With Federal regulations banning hand-held phones for CDL drivers, RoadKing offers high-quality, reliable, and hands-free options for drivers. RoadKing sets another new standard for the trucking industry helping commercial truckers stay safe and follow the law!

K40 CB Radio Antennas and Accessories for the Professional Driver

In the trucking industry, nothing can be worse than being out on the road and having equipment fail. Especially if it's your CB equipment. But with K40 CB Radio Antennas and Accessories, you won't ever have to deal with that hassle. K40 products are created using the finest state of the art computer technology and are incredibly rugged and durable. K40 promises consistently superior and precise performance. No matter what, no matter where you drive, you can trust K40 to go the distance, providing intensely accurate and clean communications. K40 products are proudly made in USA of only the highest quality of components available in the market. We use only the highest grade of 17-7 stainless steel on our antenna whips and our cables are 95% shielded making signal loss almost nonexistent. Plus, K40 promises your complete satisfaction with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Wilson CB Antennas and Accessories for Professional Truck Drivers

Once a Truck Driver uses a Wilson CB antenna, he or she will probably never want to use anything else. Wilson has always been #1 in customer loyalty because of our over the top customer service and our extreme technical support. Plus the sheer quality of our products -- from CB antenna mounts to harnesses and more -- is second to none. Wilson CB antennas offer silver-plated copper wire for superior power and the broadband antenna allows for easy tuning. This unique design means Wilson antennas will last and last in the most rugged of travel... no matter where you use them. Wilson offers CB antennas, studs, CB antenna mounts, cables and other accessories to meet all your needs.

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