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We offer trucking products and automotive products for the trucking industry. We also specializes in 12-volt power inverters and have a wide selection of power inverters available for travel or home use. We are an authorized distributor of DAS RoadPro's trucking products and PowerDrive 12-volt Power Inverters. Our trucking products, auto products, 12-volt power inverters, and mobile electronics bring the comforts of home to the road.

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RoadPro Family Of Brands Warranties And Support

RoadPro stands behind their products. If you need help or need to look up the RoadPro Family of Brands warranty period you will find the informaion at the RoadPro Family Of Brands Warranties And Support Website.

RandMcNally ELD 50 E-Log Device For Truckers

The ELD 50® is an electronic logging device that plugs right into the diagnostic port below your dash. That's it, no other installation needed. With an affordable monthly service plan, viewing and certifying HOS logs is a snap. Through a Bluetooth® connection, the ELD 50® will upload all of your logs into the free Rand McNally DriverConnect app - available for the TND™ Tablet or other Android™ device. If you lose connectivity or don't have your mobile device, ELD 50® will continue to record your HOS logs and store up to 2 days worth of data. Sound alerts let you know when the ELD 50® is at capacity and it's time to sync with your tablet or phone.

Xantrex Power Inverters For Heavy Duty Trucks

Whether just getting on the road again, or six days on the road, a truck driver's day is as long as the long long Texas road. When it's down-time, a driver just wants a hot meal, and a soft pillow. However, the electronics in a truck allow some of the creature comforts of home. Some of these comforts in a driver's paradise, like a Microwave, TV, or Laptop need AC power. These devices, when used in a truck, need an inverter. That's where Xandrex Power Inverters come in. When emailing family, checking service records, or just watching your favorite show, the last thing a driver wants to concern himself with is whether his electrical devices are working or not. With inverter models in every major heavy truck OEM, Xantrex is the clear choice for the truck driving man. While your truck can't make the call, Xantrex inverters have been truck driver approved since 1995. With Xantrex's strict quality control and HALT testing, Xantrex products have the reliability a truck driver behind the wheel needs. Your Xantrex inverter/charger takes stored battery power and converts it to AC power to run appliances like TVs and coffee makers located in the sleeper cab. Inverting power from a battery bank is a quiet and environmentally friendly alternative to idling the engine to supply power to the cab. When the truck is supplied with external AC power, at a truck stop for example, the inverter/charger takes the incoming power and recharges the batteries back to full capacity. Excess power is supplied to the cab to run appliances. If no external AC power is available, the inverter/charger will draw 12-volt DC power from the battery banks and invert it into 120-volt AC. An internal transfer switch senses whether external AC power is present, allowing the unit to instantly switch from charge mode to invert mode when power is disconnected.

PowerDrive Power Inverters Offer Rugged Power That Drives Your Lifestyle

Driving a truck all day is tough enough, and at the end of the night why not make it a little more comfortable with some of the electronic conveniences from home. With PowerDrive power inverters you'll be able to by powering them all with our complete line of professional, durable, high quality grade power inverters. PowerDrive power inverters allow you to convert your truck's battery power to household power for electronic devices, small appliances, entertainment and office systems - virtually anything. PowerDrive power inverters are safe, easy to use and have up to three grounded AC outlets and integrated USB ports for power and charging. If you're out on the road, hunting, fishing or camping, if you're a professional driver, commuter, construction worker or leisure family traveler, PowerDrive will help power up everything you need for your home away from home!

K40 CB Radio Antennas and Accessories for the Professional Driver

In the trucking industry, nothing can be worse than being out on the road and having equipment fail. Especially if it's your CB equipment. But with K40 CB Radio Antennas and Accessories, you won't ever have to deal with that hassle. K40 products are created using the finest state of the art computer technology and are incredibly rugged and durable. K40 promises consistently superior and precise performance. No matter what, no matter where you drive, you can trust K40 to go the distance, providing intensely accurate and clean communications. K40 products are proudly made in USA of only the highest quality of components available in the market. We use only the highest grade of 17-7 stainless steel on our antenna whips and our cables are 95% shielded making signal loss almost nonexistent. Plus, K40 promises your complete satisfaction with our 30 day money back guarantee.

RoadKing The Professional Driver's Choice for Over 50 Years!

RoadKing CB microphones and Bluetooth headsets are the standard by which professional truck drivers swear by. The original RoadKing has been around since the creation of the interstate - over 50 years! With superior noise-cancelling technology and rugged design, RoadKing quickly became the popular CB microphone choice among professional drivers. We understand the unique needs of today's professional drivers and what they look for in mobile communications. For these drivers, the CB radio is an essential element for communication and safety while on-the-go. RoadKing is your trusted source for reliable, affordable CB communication equipment. RoadKing now brings the same noise-cancelling technology to hands-free communication with Bluetooth® headsets. With Federal regulations banning hand-held phones for CDL drivers, RoadKing offers high-quality, reliable, and hands-free options for drivers. RoadKing sets another new standard for the trucking industry helping commercial truckers stay safe and follow the law!

RoadPro Offers Everything Truckers Need for their On-The-Go Lifestyle

For over 30 years, DAS RoadPro has been delivering on their promise to bring the comforts of home to the road with general travel merchandise and auto accessories that offer convenience, safety, comfort, and leisure at a great value. RoadPro built its reputation on quality CB accessories. They were known as the brand to trust when purchasing antennas, mounts, cabling, and power accessories. RoadPro then realized the additional needs of the professional truck driver and added other truck driving essentials to its line. But it didn't stop there. Since driver comfort is just as important, RoadPro has created solutions to add comfort to the road. Truckers have a tough job to do and don't have time to slow down. RoadPro has the solution. RoadPro products bring you comfort, convenience, entertainment and safety while you are traveling away from home, including devices to charge or power electronics, personal audio accessories, lighting, mobile office supplies, 12-Volt appliances, outdoor apparel, CB speakers, microphones, antennas, tools and hardware, luggage, bedding and more. RoadPro has everything you need to be your most comfortable and your most productive out on the road.

Wilson CB Antennas and Accessories for Professional Truck Drivers

Once a Truck Driver uses a Wilson CB antenna, he or she will probably never want to use anything else. Wilson has always been #1 in customer loyalty because of our over the top customer service and our extreme technical support. Plus the sheer quality of our products -- from CB antenna mounts to harnesses and more -- is second to none. Wilson CB antennas offer silver-plated copper wire for superior power and the broadband antenna allows for easy tuning. This unique design means Wilson antennas will last and last in the most rugged of travel... no matter where you use them. Wilson offers CB antennas, studs, CB antenna mounts, cables and other accessories to meet all your needs.

Top Ten Mobile Electronics for Trucker and Travelers

Business demands drivers stay in touch at all times and those drivers are accustomed to bringing the comforts of home on the road. DAS RoadPro has responded with an array of electronics that make life easier and more productive. Here is DAS RoadPro's list of the top 10 mobile electronics:

(1) Rand McNally TND™ Tablet - The TND™ GPS and Android tablet is designed specifically for the trucking industry. An on-board dash cam provides security while the IntelliRoute® TND™ navigation lets you pick the best routes. The 8-inch screen makes for easy viewing and use and it comes with useful preloaded trucking apps.

(2) BlueParrott® B350-XT Bluetooth® Headset - This headset has the industry's best noise canceling (96%) and sound quality, and a number of other features that make it the choice of professional drivers. It can be set to mute, speed dial and more and allows you to stream music or GPS directions to the headset. It can be used with two cell phones or a phone and PC at the same time and allows you to talk for 24 hours and charge via micro USB.

(3) Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth® Headset - Put the headset on and smart sensor technology lets you take a call without a click. If you're already wearing it, the headset announces who's calling and waits for you to say "Answer" or "Ignore". A tap of the voice command button lets you check battery level, connection status and more. The call button lets you interact with Siri, Google Now or Cortana. The new USB version even allows PC connectivity. And P2i nanotechnology protects against sweat and moisture.

(4) LG Tone Ultra™ Wireless Stereo Headset - Comfort and performance combine in this headset. The 3D NeckBehind™ design goes around the neck and contours to the body while JBL® Signature Sound delivers crisp, clear audio for music and calls while Ambient Noise Cancellation eliminates background sounds. Use Google Voice™ Actions and your compatible phone to check the weather, look up a friend and get sports scores with voice commands.

(5) weBoost Drive 4G-M Single Amplifier - Never mind those cellular service commercials. You know there are still plenty of areas in this country with poor service. This amplifier eliminates dropped calls, lost connections and slow internet by boosting 4G LTE and 3G signals. And it works with all carriers and all phones. The amplifier wirelessly enhances cell signals for up to four devices. It's easy to install and comes with trained customer/tech support.

(6) Garmin dezl™ 770LMTHD GPS with Bluetooth® and Lifetime Maps - Be sure of where you are and where you're headed at all times with this trucker-specific GPS. Designed with the trucking industry in mind, it offers custom routing for the size and weight of your truck and a truck and trailer services directory, plus points of interest highly rated by truckers. Lifetime maps and HD Digital Traffic are updated as long as you own the device. A 7-inch display makes for easy viewing.

(7) Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND™ 730 LM Trucking GPS w/ Lifetime Maps - The fourth generation of Rand McNally's TND™ GPS and Android tablet includes more features than ever before. New hardware, a faster processor, new interface options on the 7-inch screen and improved maps allow you to access information faster than ever. Advanced lane guidance helps you through even the most complicated intersection while another feature estimates toll costs. Lifetime Maps will be updated as long as you own the device.

(8) PowerDrive™ PD3000 Power Inverter - The PowerDrive 2.0 power inverter is a redesign and upgrade of RoadPro's line of power inverters. The new 3000-watt power inverter is the most powerful in the PowerDrive lineup and is easily capable of running refrigerators and other power-hungry appliances that make life on the road more comfortable. It includes four AC three-prong outlets, two USB outlets, a removable control panel and LED wattage indicator. A PowerDrive app allows users to remotely access inverter features from their smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth® connectivity.

(9) MobileSpec 12-volt Charger w/ Lightning Adapter - Keep your iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPod Nano ready for use with this fast-charging 12-volt charger. The 8-foot coiled cord with universal adapter socket reduces tangles and allows plenty of flexibility. A fluorescent button lets you know your device is charging.

(10) MobileSpec 12-volt Charger w/ Micro USB Adapter - Nothing ruins a run faster than a dead device. This 12-volt charger quickly juices up micro USB devices with 650mAh of power. An 8-foot coiled cord with universal adapter socket allows plenty of range in the cab and a fluorescent button lets you know it's working.

So Stay Charged and Get Connected With Our Trucking Products while on the Road...

MobileSpec Empowers Mobile Lifestyles For Truckers, Travelers, And More

No matter where you live, work, or play, MobileSpec helps keep you connected with the power you need for all your mobile technology. Chargers, adapters, inverters, ear buds, headphones, head sets, FM transmitters, cables and more... MobileSpec gives you the power and the accessories that keep you on-the-go without missing a beat...or a song, a phone call or a message...whatever you do, wherever you go! With MobileSpec chargers your mobile technology truly is mobile. No matter what. No matter where. You'll never run out of juice for your laptops, iPods, cell phones and other small devices. Our chargers are powerful... but they're also durable and FAST. You'll be charged up in no time. Plus our power kits are small and easy to take with you wherever you go. They're ready when you are. Stay mobile with MobileSpec!

FRANCIS The Finest in Fiberglass Antennas

The Francis name alone sells antennas, which is why it has remained one of the best-selling antennas for years. Offering caps and studs in addition to the most durable antenna on the market, the future of Francis Antenna remains as brights as its 45-year past. Professional drivers and CB enthusiasts will find everything they need to connect and communicate with complete confidence. Francis products are proudly Made in the USA.

Astatic World Famous Radio Microphones

If you want CB radio equipment with real time-tested history for greatness, look no further than Astatic. For over 60 years Astatic has been the one to trust for professional CB microphones and accessories. Astatic entered the CB radio market in the early 1940s and immediately became a trusted major audio supplier to the US Armed Forces during World War II. Our world famous D-104 crystal element microphone quickly set the standard in microphone technology and sound quality and is currently on display in the Smithsonian Institute. Professional truck drivers and communication hobbyists have used and trusted Astatic products for decades. Today Astatic remains one of the top selling providers of microphones, external speakers, cables, and power meters in the industry. Our equipment is tested time and time again and our superior noise canceling technology has become the standard by which all others are judged. Astatic microphones include an ABS housing for maximum durability and a 4 pin connector allowing you to adapt it to any 4 pin radio.

BlackCanyon Outfitters Provides Accessories For Your Outdoor Lifestyle

BlackCanyon Outfitters suits your outdoor lifestyle with quality men's accessories. Whether at work or play, expect durable, comfortable, stylish products at a great value. Their line of work gloves feature the ruggedness a trucker driver's job demands with the comfort you need. We carry several high dexterity gloves with a great fit and feel that won't inhibit your performance while providing protection. To carry all your gear, BlackCanyon Outfitters has a line of travel bags made for active people. These bags are made of high quality materials to withstand moisture and repel dirt. They feature smooth rolling wheels, retractable handles and reinforced straps. One bag quickly goes from a carry bag to backpack for the ultimate in versatility.

LumaGear Personal And Dependable Lighting

No matter what the task at hand, LUMAgear brand products offer a solution for all on the go lighting needs. Whether in need of a traditional flashlight or a specialty light, LUMAgear has the perfect lighting solution for every situation; from camping, fishing, travel or as a standby for power outages and other emergencies. Being a private label brand, LUMAgear is able to offer the same high-quality products as the competition, but at a more affordable price. LUMAgear products are on the cutting edge of technology and offer powerful, long-lasting LEDs, and as an added bonus, most LUMAgear products come with the batteries right out of the package, so there is no need for additional purchases or wasted time looking for your power source.

Winter Driving Tips for Professional Drivers

Winter is on it's way and we have the snow tools so truck drivers can keep their trucks clean and ice free. We have snowbrushes, ice scrapers, snow shovles, and de-icers. You can browse the Trucking category for all your winter trucking supplies. For your safety, we have included a few winter driver tips:

(1) Drive with your low beam headlights on even if it is daytime.
(2) Make sure your tire tread is in good condition.
(3) Look out for Black Ice on roadways. Snow or ice that melts dunning the day and refreezes at night can cause a thin transparent glazed ice coating allowing black roadways to be seen through it. Black ice is most commonly found on roads that run around bodies of water, in tunnels and in shady or rural areas.
(4) Before starting your car or truck, make sure your tail pipe is clear of snow and ice. In a small space (like a car or truck), carbon monoxide gas can quickly build up and become dangerous.

JJ Keller Trucking LogbookThe hours-of-service regulations place restrictions on when and for how long drivers of commercial motor vehicles may be behind the wheel. We offer trucking logbooks that will help you keep track of your driving hours. We offer quantity discounts for most of our trucker logbooks, so buy in bulk and save. To view our full line of trucker logbooks by JJ Keller, DAS RoadPro, and Truckers Supply click Trucking Logbooks (HOS) for more information.

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